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IMPORTANT! – Limited Door Warranty

Our doors are made from timber, which is from natural but sustainable material and is vulnerable if not properly protected from changes in temperature and humidity. If exposed to such extremes without suitable treatment, natural movement or distortion such as swelling, warping or splitting can and will occur. No liability will be accepted where any problems have arisen from moisture ingress.

Most of our external doors are sold unfinished, meaning that they need to be stained, varnished or painted after purchase.  It is vital that the door is sealed properly before installation. If you fit the door unfinished and it is subject to rain or direct sunlight, the door will be ruined.

External doors painted in very dark colours (particularly black) tend to become hot in sunlight, drying out the timber beneath and causing panels to shrink, due to moisture evaporating.  For this reason our guarantee does not extend to doors which have been painted in dark colours.

To validate your guarantee you must use either Sikkens HLS Plus (base coat) with Sikkens Filter 7 Plus (top coat) OR Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat (yellow tin) to BOTH SIDES & ALL FOUR EDGES of the door. If painting you must use oil based primer/undercoat/top coat.

We recommend 3 coats as a minimum, and always check to see if you’ve done a good job.  To do this spray a small amount of water on the door then check that the water forms beads and runs off.  If it doesn’t, then apply another coat or two.

Apply 3 coats to all four edges of the door and any cut outs (hinges/letterboxes) after it has been fitted, even if it means having to take the door off (it's worth the effort!).  It is crucial that the end grain is sealed (top and and bottom edges) – both the ingress and egress of moisture can cause timber to crack/split and bow. Failure to comply with the above could result in your door warping, swelling or splitting and will also invalidate your guarantee.


Our manufacturers don’t accept Waxing or Oiling a door as appropriate methods of sealing so we cannot provide a guarantee for any door which has been treated in this way.  Clear varnish is not suitable for external doors since the treatment must have some colour pigment to protect the door from UVB/UVA rays.

It is just as important to seal the tops and bottoms when fitting doors internally.

Some of our doors are being supplied ‘pre-finished’. Remember, if you’ve bought a door that is sold under this heading, you must re-seal any trimmed edges, cavities or cut-outs straight away. The top and bottom of the door are often overlooked but must be done, even if it involves taking the door down for a short while. This is particularly important for sealing the end grain which acts like a sponge and soaks up any moisture, causing a door to swell and split.


Please take particular care if your door is to be fitted in an extremely exposed location.

To protect your door you MUST:

  • Fit a typical single external door bellow a rain canopy or open porch at least 1200mm wide x 800mm deep (doors fitted without this protection will not be subject to our guarantee).
  • Ensure the door is properly finished at the point of installation.
  • For further protection apply a bead of clear silicone around all external glazing apertures after finishing.

·    At least once a year, lightly sand and apply a further coat of the finishing treatment, this will keep any water from penetrating the door.  If you notice areas that need attention then treat them immediately.

·     Be aware that Oak as a timber is renowned for its decorative grain which is prone to small ‘shakes’ or splits appearing. This is part of the beauty of the timber and is not considered a defect.  Any flaws that appear after installation should be filled and refinished promptly to prevent moisture ingress.

Timber is a natural material, which is subject to changes in temperature and humidity. We cannot accept liability for natural movement or distortion, warping, swelling or splitting which is caused by the door being exposed to extremes of temperature of humidity, or if the door is not correctly stored, treated or hung. A bow of 1/4" (6.35mm) along the length of the door shall be deemed to be within the manufactured tolerances (in line with British Standard code of conduct).

Doors must not be hung or stored in damp or freshly plastered rooms, all new plaster needs at least six weeks drying out period.

Fitting Advice:

  • An External door should be hung on three 4” (100mm) hinges.
  • Each finishing coat must be applied to all four edges, to both faces, inside all cut outs for locks, letter plates and hinges, inside all glazing rebates and around beading. Pay careful attention to all exposed end grain including tops and bottom stiles and the fielding of raised and fielded panels.
  • Three finishing applications should be made strictly in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
  • Reduce doors to fit equally from both sides, but not excessively, e.g. external doors can usually be trimmed by a maximum of 9mm from each side.  Seal the door with treatment before fitting, then remove from the hinges, taking off all ironmongery and coat every surface liberally with, including all cut outs before refitting.
  • The number of coats advised by the manufacturer is usually a minimum, it is therefore wise to exceed this if possible.  Follow the sealant manufacturer’s instructions carefully, keeping a copy of the claims made for the product in the even it fails to perform.  Fully seal glass rebates and backs of glazing beads prior to glazing on models supplied without glass.
  • Never fit mortice locks etc. at rail joints as this may seriously weaken them..
  • Always fit with suitable weatherboard regardless of frame cill type fitted, to prevent droplets of moisture hanging from the bottom of the door.
  • Future maintenance is most important if the doors good looks are to be retained over many years.  Regular maintenance will more than repay the effort involved and will keep your door looking good for many years.  The aim is to keep any water from penetrating your door.
We take great care in sourcing the very best quality products for our customers. The care taken during manufacture and the quality of the raw materials used ensures that your door will give many years of good service, provided it is stored correctly and treated properly. Each door is warranted to be of good material and good workmanship, free from defects which would render the door unserviceable or unfit for its recommended use.  Each door is guaranteed for 12 months (unless otherwise stated) against faulty material or manufacture, provided treatment is carried out in accordance with our recommendations as set out above (see also 'finishing guide').

If the width of your door is to be reduced, this must be done equally from both sides. If the height is to be reduced, be careful not to damage the joints and in most cases, take 2/3rd off the bottom and 1/3rd off the top.  Please check with our sales team if you need clarification as to the maximum reduction that can be made to your particular door.
Care should be taken when fitting mortice locks. Do not position locks where the middle rail meets the stile. This may weaken the joint and cause permanent damage to the door. Ensure the lock cavity is kept to a minimum.

The door must be stored in a cool, dry atmosphere and kept flat. It should not be hung in damp or newly plastered rooms or suddenly exposed to central heating or other forms of direct heat.

Maintenance of external doors
Regular maintenance will more than repay the effort involved and will keep your door looking good for many years.  At least once a year, lightly sand and apply a further coat of finishing treatment to protect the fibres of the timber from deterioration and discolouration. The aim is to keep any water from penetrating your door. If you notice areas that need attention please treat them straight away.

The company accepts no liability if costs are incurred by booking a carpenter before having received and checked all goods.
We shall not be held responsible for any incidental work or expenses arising out of or because of any defect in our product or failure to deliver within the specified timeframe.  In the event of goods proving to be defective (manufacturer's defect only) which need replacement, our liability shall not exceed the replacement of the faulty goods.
We endeavour to supply a quality product as efficiently as possible. Occasionally mistakes are made through human error and we are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause; however, we reserve the right to rectify any problems that arise as quickly as possible but we do not subscribe to the compensation culture.
Any goods purchased as factory seconds, clearance, end of line or warehouse damaged are sold as seen, do not carry a guarantee and are non returnable.

Nb. Our guarantee is not valid for products once they are outside mainland UK


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