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Hardwood French Doors

Pattern 20 External Hardwood French Doors
Chiswick External Hardwood French Doors
Hampstead External Hardwood French Doors
Pattern GTP External Hardwood French Doors
Pattern 70 External Hardwood French Doors
La Porte Hardwood French Doors

Hardwood French Doors

Hardwood French Doors to withstand demanding external applications, our hardwood French doors are the best choice for homeowners in the UK. These are French doors in true sense, allowing enough natural light to get into the room as well as keeping your privacy intact. The high quality engineered construction increases their strength and resistance to deformity. While some hardwood French doors are supplied unglazed, others are factory glazed with sealed tri-glazed glass units. The thickness of products is 44mm. All our doors are provided untreated; however, they are ready to be painted, varnished or stained in accordance with your tastes. Hence, order doors in your desired size and take the durability of your property to a new level!

Fine Doors Ltd

The door specialists are here! We add beauty and functionality to your home with our wide collection of high quality wooden front doors and interior doors in the UK. In addition, we offer an array of door frames, architraves, skirting, door hardware and door finishing products to establish ourselves as a comprehensive supplier on the Internet.

Explore the rich diversity in our sturdy external doors that are available in oak, hardwood, softwood, stable, French, and bi-fold choices. There are also pre-hung doors, security/composite doors, garage doors and gates on offer. If you’re looking for French doors exterior, we’ve the range that will certainly match your tastes and preferences. Choose from plenty of stunning designs, finishes, materials and glazing options.

We also boast of our exceptional range of interior doors starting from oak internal doors and glazed doors to folding sliding doors. Whatever your selection may be, all of our products are competitively priced to suit your budget. To achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we keep introducing many special offers with substantial discounts on various items.

.Fine Doors Ltd stocks products of several prominent door importers in the UK like LPD Doors and XL Joinery. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we can fully understand your specific needs and offer you the perfect products together with prompt customer service. So, begin your selection now!