DIY Tips – 20 Experts Reveal How To Add Value To Your Home

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There are ton's of ways to add value to your home, where most struggle is getting £10,000 together for a new kitchen or shelling out on a conservatory, driveway or getting the pro's in to redecorate top to bottom just isn't viable. 

So we thought we'd round up some of the best names from around web in DIY and home improvement and get the top tips on how you you can add value to your home without spending a fortune. Who better to ask than the experts right?

If you have £500 to invest in energy efficiency - then we would always concentrate on loft insulation and draught proofing. Both of these provide the biggest bang for your buck and will help to minimise your energy bills. They are also both pretty easy DIY projects - it will take just a few hours to insulate your loft space, and the draught proofing strips are easy to fit yourself on existing doors and windows to help prevent those cold draughts!

- Nick

Summed Up : Go Green

The biggest home improvement anyone can do is clean and de-clutter. A lot of expensive home improvement can be avoided just by making sure those gutters are clear, there isn't any cracks or leaks around doors and windows, and simple cleaning. But for a design eye, the easiest improvement to any home is editing out what you no longer need. In our modern-consumption-obsessed lifestyle, it's easy to overload any home with extra 'stuff.' Declutter and throw out what you'd tell your bestie to get rid of. Your advice to her is actually perfect for you, too.

- Theresa

Summed Up : Neat and Tidy

We find that people gravitate towards warm and open spaces. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in letting in more natural light. Natural lighting from large windows is a great way to warm up a living area while also creating a sense of openness. Existing windows can be enlarged and doors can be switched to either glass or partial glass doors. For existing sources of natural light such as windows, glass doors and skylights, we recommend removing heavy drapes or blinds. If a room has limited access to natural light, painting the walls a light colour can create a sense of brightness.

- Emily Qiu

Summed Up : Open It Up

Get rid of any unnecessary furniture. When you live in a house, you might have loads of different pieces of furniture. That in itself is pretty normal; people tend to buy more things than they need. The fact of the matter is that the more furniture you have, the smaller your house looks. Get rid of some of your furniture so that the rooms in your home look larger than they do now. People want spacious homes, which is why it will serve you well to make your home look large. If you can do so, you should put some of your furniture in storage until you sell your home.

- Hamlet Ham

Summed Up : De-Clutter

When working on a limited budget, the most affordable way to give any home and instant update is to paint and apply details such as architectural trim. Simply by adding a dado or picture rail you can make a huge impact on the way that a room looks. This simple do-it-yourself project allows you to apply wallpaper to only a section of the wall, rather than have to spend a fortune to cover an entire wall, or paint the lower section of a wall in a contrasting colour to the top of the wall. Adding an architrave around old or new windows or doors instantly adds ‘wow’ factor, and painting this to contrast to doors or walls, or in a crisp white, allows you to incorporate architectural details at very little cost.

Baseboards or skirting boards, and cornice or crown moulding, are effective and affordable ways to finish off a plain room. Your local hardware store will stock a variety of options for you to choose from to match the style of your existing décor, from traditional wood to modern extruded polystyrene. Again, paint or stain these in your choice of colour to add attractive detailing or make an eye-catching feature. You will find plenty of tips and tricks on.

- Janice

Summed Up : Lick 'o' Paint + More 

Refreshing a front door is a fantastic way to give an entry new life. Adding simple paint or sealing a front door can give your home a more welcoming appearance. Additionally, adding or refreshing small accents like a new set of house numbers, welcome mats, or lights can tie the whole entry way together.

To create an inviting front entrance, also try adding some potted plants to the area. Adding value to your home affordably can be easy with a little accessories. Adding or refreshing knobs, handles or drawer pulls to your cabinets around your home can easily add a freshness or even give a completely new look to your home. Changing out some faucets can add a new dimension to a room, however be careful as some faucets can easily push you over your budget.

- Elizabeth Dobson

Summed Up : Don't Forget To Accessorise 

If you plan on adding value to your home, but have a tight budget to work towards, then the best approach would be to do the work yourself instead of hiring a contractor! It’s therefore important to make sure you do enough research online to at least have an idea about what to do, and how to do it, before you start. The cheapest way to add value to your property, especially if you are thinking about putting it on the market, would be to concentrate on the visual impact a visitor would have when entering your home.

- Guy Alexander Bell

Summed Up : Its DIY so Do It Yourself 

Spend money and time insulating and air sealing around windows and doors. Use foam from a can to seal around doors and windows, anywhere there’s a gap where could flow. If you can, remove the trim around the inside opening. If you have an attic, look into adding insulation yourself. There are some products on the market that can be spread by hand, without a machine. Or home stores will loan you a machine to blow insulation into the attic or walls. While it may not be sexy like a new door, insulation and air sealing will pay off in the long run.

- Gary Wollenhaupt​

Summed Up : Warm Things Up

For under $500, my vote would be lighting, such as adding pot lights to your kitchen. We recently added six of them to our kitchen, and they instantaneously brighten up and make the room look so much more spacious. Another idea is to switch up a chandelier - it can totally change the ambiance of a room.

- Michelle Shen

Summed Up : Light It Up

When it comes to increasing the kerb appeal of your home, Property Division advises to focus on the front door. A freshly painted or varnished wooden door, complete with a highly polished brass letter box and handle, will give visitors a great first impression of your house. If you choose to paint your front door, go for neutral shades, such as white, black, dark grey or even British Racing Green. And don’t forget to upgrade your home’s security by fitting BS 3621 thief-resistant locks to your new-look front door.

- Gurleen Jhooti

Summed Up : Tighten Up Security

It's a tricky question, I think it's hard to add value to a home for such a small amount, but maybe it would be wise to invest that money into some repairs that will prevent any more costly work further down the road, or cause potential problems when you want to move. Perhaps something very practical like getting your electrics checked out to ensure they are all in order, or the central heating system serviced to ensure no expensive repairs are needed over the winter months? Then if a potential buyer has a survey on your home, everything will be in order and you won't have to negotiate on your price perhaps.

- Antonia

Summed Up : Plan Ahead

I’m a big fan of improvements that entice people outdoors because there, they get acclimated to the local climate so they can throw the windows open and cut off the HVAC when they return indoors, and no equipment is so efficient as that which is off. So I’d find a tiny spot outdoors and build a really simple pavilion that could be nothing more than four small tree stumps connected by four tree-branch beams with a simple cable below on which simple white curtains can be hung. The curtains are there for privacy, but they also billow beautifully in a breeze, enticing you outdoors when you see them out your window. If there’s money left over, buy a rope hammock to hang diagonally across your little pavilion.

- Steve Mouzon

Summed Up : Head Outside

Make a list, however daunting or long! that may be, of everything that needs fixing in your home. Then do your research on how to fix these things yourself and where the cheapest place to buy the items you need is, and be creative! You don't have to have the latest gadgets to do a bit of home DIY.

DO YOUR RESEARCH! look at what's out there on par with your property and make sure you stand out. If you struggle with this part then get some expert advice, at you can get a full written consultation with every single detail on how to present your property to ensure you get a quick and profitable sale for under £200. Clean,clean, clean! Ensure your home is better than the marketing photographs. This is one of the biggest problems potential buyers face when viewing properties on the market. All looks good on paper but when they arrive the garden is untidy, the bins are out and the flowers are dead! You can never under estimate the value of a fresh pristine inviting home!

- Stacey Fuller

Summed Up : Do Your Research

Installing one or two raised garden beds may cost under $500, and adds aesthetic as well as practical value to a home. Raised beds bring beauty and order to a yard while enabling the home owner to grow vegetables for the table. Raised garden beds makes the property more appealing to prospective buyers, and backyard vegetable gardening also is a great learning tool for children in the family."

- Greg Seaman

Summed Up : Raise Garden Beds

This is a bit of a tricky question as every house is different, but one of the biggest bangs for your bucks can be to paint those dark laminate cabinets a clean white or fun colour. Updating fixtures always catch the eye of home buyers. And don't over look the outdoors, a simple patio with the right table can boost your living space and make the home feel bigger.

- Jamin

Summed Up : Go Clean White

If you have a small budget, you’ll want to focus on cosmetic changes that will wow people from the first time they see photos of your home online to the moment they walk in the door. First impressions mean a lot. If your front yard is in bad shape, spend the money on mowing, pruning and maintenance. Stage your stoop or porch, and consider painting or replacing your front door and mailbox if they are damaged. If your interior needs the most work, spend the money on carpet cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.

- Mia Simon

Summed Up : First Impressions Are Key

The best way to add value to a home without blowing your budget would be to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you're not looking at repainting the whole house, select a few accent walls and highlight them with a different colour. Use stencils to create a pattern across these walls to give your home a touch of opulence without costing too much.

- Shruti Verma

Summed Up : Try Stencils and an Accent Wall

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. It is amazing how many vendors miss this vital point. If you can’t bear to get rid of your stuff, then spend money on storing it while you sell the house. If buyers can see floor space they can let their imagination run riot with all the things they might do with your house. If they can’t, they will be immediately put off. If in doubt, chuck it out!"

- Edward Sykes

 Summed Up :De-clutter 

Modern households are most likely to run out of storage space, which entails coming up with innovative storage solutions. For example, introducing a storage bed into a small bedroom would enable you to save much needed floor space, while also bestowing you with a generous storage space right under your bed.​ This could be one of the simplest, cheapest and the most convenient venture to add value to your home.

- Fabeha

Summed Up : Innovative Storage Solutions

Paint will make anything look newer and nicer. You can spray paint light fixtures, paint furniture, outdated kitchen cabinets, even appliances can be painted.

- Jennifer

Summed Up : Mask Any Imperfections

This one's easy: PAINT. Paint is cheap and can makeover just about anything (I have even painted my counters before).

- Sarah

Summed Up : PAINT!

The Definitive Guide to Making Any Small Room Look Bigger

We don't all live in gigantic, luxurious mansions. In fact, most of us must be content with modest homes thanks to ever-increasing property prices.

​This means that your house or apartment is probably a little smaller than you hope it would be. It can feel extremely cramped or even claustrophobic at times.

But this doesn't need to be the case! ​There are a tonne of tricks you can use to make a small room look bigger.

​We've outlined a whopping 35 top tips for you in this article, along with extra hints and mini guides for your perusal.

Here's how to make your home look more spacious throughout:

Paint & Wallpaper Tips

1. Add an eye-catching design to the ceiling. Paint or wallpaper will draw your eye towards the ceiling, making the room look taller.

2. Paint the room in lighter colours. They reflect light to make the space look bright and open.

3. If you have an accent wall, make the rest of the walls white. It’s ok to have one brightly coloured or patterned feature wall. The room will still look spacious if the rest of the walls are white.

4. Paint mouldings white. White trims and skirting boards etc produce the effect that the walls are further away thus making the room look larger.

5. Small prints are better. Walls and flooring should be plain or feature only small prints to amplify the space.

6. Try different shades of the same colour. If you want to add some depth to the room paint the detailing and mouldings in a shade of the main wall colour.

7. Paint the walls and ceilings the same colour. This reduces the appearance of distinct boundaries between the walls and ceiling.

Furniture Tips

8. Avoid bulky, heavy pieces. Simply put, big sofas and cabinets etc will fill up a space. Downsize your wares to allow for more space in the room.

9. Choose furniture with legs. As opposed to furniture where the bottom touches the ground, furniture with legs has extra space underneath.

10. Avoid tall pieces of furniture. This adds to the illusion that there’s lots of space above the furniture thus making the room appear taller.

11. Use multifunctional furniture. This is a much more efficient way to make use of the little space you have.

  • modular 
  • multi-unit
  • Rocker
  • multi-mat
  • stools

12. Get fold-up furniture. The furniture (probably chairs and tables) serves its purpose then tidies away neatly when not in use.

13. Use glass tabletops. This will add to the free flow of light around the room.

14. Match furniture colour to the walls. This means that the pieces will blend into the background and make the room appear to have more space.

15. Choose one key piece.

One larger piece, such as the bed or sofa, with custom storage built-in or around the piece can also make a space look bigger.

Organisation Tips

16. Get rid of clutter. Have a spring clean and throw out any unnecessary or unused possessions which take up too much space in your home.

10 Quick and Easy Decluttering Tips

17. Leave space around and in between furniture. The worst thing you can do is have you furniture pushed up against the wall. Try placing your bed at an angle or sofa in the centre of the room.

18. Use hidden storage. There’s an abundance of furniture that contains hidden compartments for storage out there. Think outside of the box and store clutter inside sofas, beds, tables etc.

  • under floor
  • under stairs
  • hidden cabinet
  • storage hacks
  • storage cube

19. Group furniture on one side of the room. This will create walkways for people to move around the house or apartment as well as leaving wide open spaces.

Lighting Tips

20. Let in as much natural light as possible. Let the light from your windows and doors flood the room to make it look more open and expansive. The larger your windows are the better.

Via freshome

21. Use recessed lighting. Rather than having a heavy lighting fixture that takes up space install recessed spotlights.

22. Introduce sheer curtains. This will allow more natural light to come into the room from the windows thus making it bright and airy. (Make your shower curtain clear too).

23. Get rid of curtains altogether. Connect the inside space with the outside.

Accents & Accessories Tips

24. Place shelves closer to the ceiling. Similar to the idea of painting or wallpapering the ceiling, shelves will draw the eye upwards and make the room look taller.

25. Avoid too many small decorative accents. This includes vases, ornaments, candles and the like. Instead use a fewer larger pieces sparingly.

26. Avoid using large rugs. Taking big rugs out of the room will add to the illusion that there’s more floor space.

27. Add at least one mirror. This will reflect the light, giving the room more natural light. It will also reflect the space making it look bigger.

10 Ways to Use Mirrors to Make a Room Seem Bigger

28. Choose a light coloured floor. Light colours reflect the light and make a room more spacious. The floor can count as a wall to apply this trick to too.

29. Match accents to the wall colours. Similarly to matching the furniture to the wall colours, try matching pillows, throws, curtains etc.

30. Leave some empty space. You don’t need to pack every shelf or cabinet with items. Leaving some free space will make the place look more roomy.

31. Emphasise the lines. Decorate your room with things that emphasise strong vertical lines or strong horizontal lines. This will make the room look taller or wider.

Via cococozy

32. Add drama to the space. The room doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s small! Large images or paintings can make the space really pop and thus feel bigger.

33. Colour coordinate your belongings. This works well with books for example and will add a sense of organisation to the space making it seem more streamlined.

34. Break up a room with rugs. If you only have one larger space to work with (instead of separate rooms), break it up into different areas using rugs.

35. Avoid heavy fabrics. Try linens and lightweight materials that are sheer or light in colour.

Top Hints

  • Think outside of the box to come up with new space-saving ideas.
  • Keep the overall décor as simple as possible to avoid cluttering up the space.
  • Be strict with yourself when organising and limiting the contents of the room.
  • It is possible to achieve functionality and great style at the same time.
  • Make sure there's lots of room for movement and light to flow through.

Sources: Stylecaster, Buzzfeed, freshome, Remodelista, The Everygirl, Apartment Therapy, Inhabit, Bedshed, Trendhunter, POPSUGAR, Freepik

The Complete Buyers Guide to Exterior Doors

exterior doors buyers guide

Many people assume that choosing an exterior door is really quite simple. Well, it is and it isn’t. You may be getting new doors to add value to your home, to improve energy efficiency or to install a front door better suited to the architecture of your home.

Whatever the reason, we all want the browsing and buying process to be as painless as possible, which is where Fine Doors come to the rescue.

We’ve created a complete guide to exterior doors which contains everything you need to know to make the correct decision and ultimately the right purchase. Our exterior door guide includes:

  • A choice of exterior door materials (and each of their benefits).
  • How valuable each exterior door can prove to be
  • Energy saving doors with detailed information
  • Which doors are best for which climate
  • Quick and easy installation tips
  • Advice for the security conscious
  • A range of maintenance questions answered as asked on DIY forums

Now you have a better idea of what to expect from our guide, it’s time for you to choose your weapon…


Choosing The Right Exterior Doors

We all have our own reasons for changing our exterior doors. Perhaps they’re in desperate need of repairing or repainting, to the point where they’re desperate to be replaced. Perhaps the style of the external doors no longer fit in with the style of your home.

In order to make the purchase process even easier, we’ve decided to point out the main elements to consider when choosing a door, whether you’re looking to replace your current outdated entrance with a stylish wooden front door or you’re in the process of choosing some UPVC doors for your new conservatory, it’s advised to consider the following questions:

Does it matter which door frame you use?

Ideally, you want to use a door frame which matches the manufacturer of the door, this way you’re guaranteed to have no problems, (especially if you’re opting to fit the door yourself).

Also, softwood frames are much easier to paint than other types, will last you a while and are cost effective.

Does it matter which door material I choose?

The simple answer is yes.

The weather plays a bit part in the kind of door you should choose. With the British climate constantly unable to make up it’s mind, it’s essential that you choose (particularly) a front door which will be suitable for the weather conditions.

For example, if you’re thinking about buying a wooden front door, be certain that you’re in a position to paint and stain the door to avoid any unwanted rot.

Another reason you may want to choose a specific material is down to the climate in your area. If you live in a place with constantly low temperatures, you may want to think about investing in a U Value energy efficient door. The lower the U Value, the more energy efficient the door is.

Find out more about U Value doors.

Which external doors are most secure?

To be honest, it’s more a question of which doors are not most secure. If your external doors are hollow or feel slightly loose, even having locked them, you should get these doors replaced.

Unless your doors are made from fiberglass, solid wood or steel, you may as well have a hole in the wall (perhaps a slight exaggeration).

If you’re particularly worried about somebody breaking in to your home, consider replacing your door with one that swings inwards, this will help to detract any type of forced entry.

What do I need to know before changing my doors?

The only important thing you need to check are the building regulations for your area. Find out more about building regulations here.

Exterior Wooden Doors

exterior wooden doors

The advantages of wood doors

- Choose from a range of wood materials

- Exterior damages are easy to repair

- Simple to maintain and decorate

- Will last over 100 years if treated correctly

- The natural textures display a beautiful grain

- They can easily be adapted in size

Are wood doors energy efficient?

Timber wood doors are the closest to being energy efficient, but most wood doors aren't available as "green".

Are wood doors easy to install?

With the correct guidance, they can be simple to install yourself. Watch our video below for more details:

Are wood doors suitable for cold weather?

Wooden doors are ideal for pretty much any climate, it all really depends on the quality of the door and the way it fitted and filled.

If you're experiencing cold drafts coming inside, try using draft exlcuders at the bottom of doors or thermal door curtains (if your door has windows installed).

Do wood doors require maintenance?

​If properly looked after from the start, wood doors don't require much (if any) maintenance.

First things first, you want to paint your wooden doors. Why? This will help to weather protect your doors and prevent any warping or rotting.

This video by B&Q covers everything you need to know:

Exterior Composite Doors

composite doors benefits

The advantages of composite doors

- Sturdy designed for maximum security

- No paintwork is needed for the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) models.

- High resistance to weathering

- Contains a foam core for extra insluation

- Easy to remove and add glass inserts

- Range of colours and designs to choose

Are composite doors energy efficient?

A range of energy efficient composite doors are available on the market. The U value will usually determine the price.

Are wood doors easy to install?

With the correct guidance, they can be simple to install yourself. Watch this video by EurocellPVCU below for more details:

Are wood doors suitable for cold weather?

This is one of the main advantages of composite doors. 

As mentioned, the GRP models are known to contain a thick layer of thermal foam, to help minimise the need for internal heating.

Do composite doors require maintenance?

All doors require some kind of care, and composite doors are no different.

The advantage being that the cleaning is easy, and only needs doing about once every few months.

This composite door maintenance guide will answer all the question you have.

Exterior UPVC Doors

composite doors benefits

The advantages of UPVC doors

- Stronger than traditional wooden doors

- Weatherproof and damp proof

- Require very little maintenance

- High levels of insulation

- Reduces sound pollution drastically

- Well suited for the security conscious

Are UPVC doors energy efficient?

The production of UPVC doors isn't particularly environmentally friendly, but in terms of saving energy around the home, they're very effective.

Are UPVC doors easy to install?

With the correct guidance, they can be simple to install yourself. Watch this video below for more details on fitting a UPVC door and frame:

Are UPVC doors suitable for cold weather?

UPVC doors are great in terms of keeping the heat in, especially for those frosty winter months.

If you're experiencing cold drafts coming inside, try using draft exlcuders at the bottom of doors or thermal door curtains (if your door has windows installed).

Do UPVC doors require maintenance?

Very little maintenance is required on UPVC doors. Simple tasks that should carry out quarterly include:

- Oiling the lock mechanisms to eliminate stiff locks.
- Occasionally wipe them down to maintain the appearance.

How to maintain your exterior doors the right way.

Maintaining your doors is crucial to the longevity and lasting quality of them. No matter what type of external door you have, each requires some kind of maintenance, some more than others.

​Therefore, we picked out some of the most asked questions from around the web and answered them all for you, in as much detail as we can.

Do I need to use a particular paint when decorating my door?

We'd recommend choosing either an acrylic latext paint or an oil based paint.

Arylic paints are the perfect choice for those looking to paint over a door that's already installed, they will cover pretty much any paint that's already been applied. Oil based paints should be used when painting a brand new door for the first time, this sort of paint wdries quickly and maintains its appearance for years.

We'd also recommend watching this video for the best way to paint your exterior door:​

How do I waterproof my exterior door?

It's important to both waterproof and seal your exterior doors to help them last longer and to save yourself some money and energy at home. Rather than listing the steps here, check out this extremely great eHow article which lists an easy 8 step guide to waterproofing your doors.

How do I remove varnish from my door?

Stripping the varnish from your doors is actually quite easy, well summarised in this video my Polycell...

What's the best way to clean my exterior door?

We'd recommend using Murphy Oil Soap ​to clean your doors, it will clean any wooden doors without leaving any stains or streaks whilst also protecting it further.

If you're in a rush to clean your door, you can also combine hot water, a mild soap and a soft sponge which will also do the job for the time being. Start by cleaning around the door frame first and then start from the top and work your way down to the bottom​

One you've cleaned your door, you'll want to use a clean towel to wipe down your door and dry it effectively. 

How do I fix and prevent a rotting door?

To prevent your door from rotting, make sure the bottom of the door is well sealed, as rainwater will make its way through this area of the door and sit to create the rotting process.

In terms of fixing a door that is already vulnerable to rot, this video by easydiymovies offers loads of great tips in 5 minutes...​

Your content here...

Is it Time You Invested in Contemporary Internal Doors?

Here at Fine Doors we have a huge range of external and internal doors to suit all sorts of properties, but in recent years the industry has seen a definite shift towards more contemporary doors, and we can offer these stylishly modern products in a variety of timbers and designs.

Whether this is driven by the increase in more modern interior design trends generally is up for debate, but what isn’t in doubt, is that the contemporary doors we can supply and fit are of the highest quality and competitively priced

Contemporary Walnut Doors

The warm, dark colour of our walnut doors make them suitable for any contemporary-styled property, while offering a sophistication and class that few other timbers can match.

Walnut Door

Starting from just £125.00 (inc. VAT) these internal doors represent fantastic value for money, while they are available in a variety of styles with glazed or non-glazed versions available.

Contemporary Oak Doors

If you’re looking for something a little on the lighter side but still want all of the benefits that come with our walnut doors then our oak internal doors are ideal.

Oak Door

Offering strength and durability in abundance, these interior doors are also supplied with toughened safety glass when your purchase the glazed models, ensuring you don’t have to worry about needing to repair damage or wear and tear.

Contemporary White Doors

For a modern and minimalist look then our white internal doors could be for you, with smooth lines and a sleek finish that oozes modernity and style.

White Door

Starting at an eye-wateringly low £45.00 for our Mulberry White internal door, you are able to fully refurbish your home’s interior doors without breaking the bank.

We have a large number of our contemporary interior doors currently on special offer – so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today on 020 8505 1333 and begin enjoying the style and durability of these great doors.

Choosing New Windows: Timber vs. UPVC

Fitting new windows in your home can be a rather large expenditure, particularly if they need replacing on an entire floor or across the whole house. In this instance UPVC can be seen as an attractive option due to its apparent lower cost, but this guide runs through the major advantages and cost saving features of timber windows. Continue reading

Enjoy a Hint of Spain with Fine Doors

With the cold and wet weather well and truly in place here in the UK it would be understandable if you were looking forward to your summer holiday already. Well here at Fine Doors we can offer a range of Spanish-inspired products that could bring a piece of the sunny continent into your home. Read on as detail three of our favourites.


Currently on sale and offering a saving of £41, the Europa Catalonia Internal Walnut fire door (pre-finished) simply oozes sophistication and style.

This internal door is constructed with high quality timber and real wood veneers, while it also features stunning mixed grain panels to provide a subtle yet classy aesthetic. The Europa Catalonia door is also half an hour fire rated (FD30) to provide additional peace of mind in the event of a fire.


The Madrid Internal Oak Fire Door brings a flavour of the Spanish capital into your home with its unique veneer cut and high quality materials. The intelligent engineered construction makes for a significantly more robust door, with increased resistance to the warping, twisting and bowing that can ruin the aesthetic of a door.


For something that little bit extra Mediterranean the Seville Internal Oak Door comes complete with factory-glazed obscure (frosted) safety glass that has clearly defined diamond-cut lines. This door makes the perfect solution for a conservatory or kitchen, and our lippings allow for an additional 6mm to be trimmed off each side to ensure you can fit it.

If you’d like to find out more information about the fantastic range of internal and external doors we have available, why not get in touch with the team on 020 8505 1333.

Why Choose Fine Doors for your Internal and External Doors?

Here at we are proud to say we are stockists of two of the premier names in door manufacturing in the UK, LPD Doors and XL Joinery, who have been at the forefront of their industry for 30 and 20 years respectively.

Our team has also developed a high level of experience and, as well as supplying high quality doors, we can also offer fitting services for local customers – but why choose us in the first place? Continue reading

New Year, New Door? Take Advantage of These Great Deals at Fine Doors

All over the UK households are looking to take advantage of great deals in the January sales, with a variety of companies slashing prices on a range of products, and at they are no different.

The online retailer specialises in both internal and external doors in a wide range of styles and finishes, and here we detail just three of the special offers they are currently running.

Arta External Oak Door: £450.00, £329.00

At this time of year especially, two of the most important features of an external door are security and insulation, and this 44mm thick oak door offers both.

However the benefits of this external door don’t stop at functionality as it is also beautifully designed to provide a genuinely stylish feature of your property. fitted with an acid etched (frosted), this product would make a great addition to any home.

Iseo K4514 4-Light Internal Oak Door: £279.00, £200.00

You may not have given your internal doors too much thought previously, however a well designed and stylish interior door can provide an effective aesthetic element to your home.

Glazed with four clear bevelled safety glass panels, the Iseo K4514 is constructed from a mix of materials that includes timber real wood veneers and man-made materials for a finished product that is an absolute steal at £200.00.

Derby Chameleon External Oak Door: £475.00, £349.00

Offering a whopping saving of £126.00 this Derby Chameleon External door makes an ideal choice for a household looking to add a touch of sophistication to their property.

Its construction has been engineered for a more robust door, with increased resistance to warping, twisting and bowing, while it has been fitted with a tri-glazed leaded light unit complete with black lead caming for a stunning finish.

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