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3" Magnetic Bathroom Lock
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Price (incl. 20% VAT): £23.99



  • This product is also used as a standard latch.
  • Total length: 75mm
  • Backset: 50mm
  • Face plate size: 190 x 18mm
  • Dust box: Yes
  • Magnetic locks are the ultimate latch for those looking for a near silent way of operating doors.
  • This unique range of mortice latches have a black plastic latch bolt which conceals a small powerful magnet.
  • Fitted within the door frame behind the metal strike plate is a black plastic dust box which contains another magnet with the opposite pole.
  • When the door is in the open position the latch bolt is hidden within the door creating a sleek minimalist look.
  • Upon closing the door within the frame the two magnets become attracted to one another, withdrawing the bolt from the latch case and pulling it into the frame mounted strike plate, thus keeping the door held closed and shut.
  • To open the door again any door handle can be used, when the lever is pulled downwards the latch is pulled away from the strike plate. Another magnet located in the back of the latch holds the latch bolt within the case.
  • The whole process is nearly silent making it ideal for those looking for a quiet way to shut internal doors.
  • No more noisy metal latches scraping against metal strike plates.
  • When fitted to brand new doors and frames this magnetic latch produces a very minimal look and is great for those with young children as nothing sticks out from the door or door frame making it a great safety device as well.Easy to fit, bolt through holes.

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