Choosing New Windows: Timber vs. UPVC

Fitting new windows in your home can be a rather large expenditure, particularly if they need replacing on an entire floor or across the whole house. In this instance UPVC can be seen as an attractive option due to its apparent lower cost, but this guide runs through the major advantages and cost saving features of timber windows.

More Environmentally Friendly

The great advantage to timber windows is that they’re a sustainable resource. Both the production and disposal of UPVC windows is quite damaging to the environment due to the chemicals involved when they’re made and when they begin to break down, so choosing wood helps reduce this impact.

As a completely natural resource, timber windows also have great insulating qualities, making them very energy efficient – the timber windows at Fine Doors all have B grade Window Energy Ratings.

Lower Maintenance

Due to the natural composition, timber windows involve a lot less maintenance than their UPVC counterparts. To keep them looking their best, all that’s required is regular varnishing every couple of years. Best of all, timber windows can be repaired easily if necessary and just need a lick of paint if they start to look tired and worn – UPVC windows offer no such luxury.

Longer Lifespan

Due to it being harder and more costly to repair UPVC windows, replacing them completely is often the only option, whereas repairs can easily be carried out on timber windows when required. UPVC windows have an average life expectancy of about 20-25 years, whereas well looked after timber windows can last for much longer – even generations.

Unsurpassed Aesthetics

The main benefit of choosing timber windows is the fact that they simply look much better than plastic ones. If you have wooden internal or external doors then having matching windows will keep a consistent look across your whole house – both inside and out. In addition, as timber windows can just have a paint job or coat of varnish to look almost brand new, you’ll never be stuck with old or tired looking windows.

Timber windows are the latest addition to the range of products we have here at Fine Doors. Whether it’s oak internal doors you’re after or you’re looking to make the change from a UPVC front door or set of windows to the timber alternative then we have the expertise and range of products to suit all your needs – just browse the website for more information.

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